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Flash storage accelerates your business without compromise – IBM

Enterprise storage is no longer meant to just store your ever-increasing volumes of data. In today's hyper-competitiveness environment, organizations expect their data to work harder than ever before. So the real value of storage comes when you can quickly access and process the stored data to draw actionable insights.


As a result, storage administrators are under more pressure to ensure better performance from their storage systems. They must ensure that data is always available for processing in real time as needed, and at a reasonable cost.

Traditional, spindle based storage is just not enough to cater to this need. You need flash based enterprise storage to cater to such dynamic requirements.

Whether it’s a greenfield transition to flash or an incremental addition, the move to flash requires careful planning because not all flash storage devices are the same. Organizations must choose the right one that meets their requirements. For this, it’s essential to understand what parameters to consider while choosing flash storage, the RoI of investing in flash vs traditional disk arrays, and the cost-benefit analysis of implementing the same before planning your transition.

Attend this webinar by CMR and IBM’s storage experts to understand how IBM’s Flash Storage is engineered to meet your modern high-performance storage requirements to deliver ultra-low latency, cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and mission-critical reliability.

1500 Planning your transition to Flash Storage
Anil Chopra, VP-Research and Consulting, CyberMedia Research
1515 Next-Gen Flash and how it’s better than Enterprise Disk Systems
Jaswinder Singh Saini, Storage Solution Architect, IBM Systems, ISA
1550 Q&A
Moderated by Anil Chopra,CMR
1600 Vote of Thanks
Anil Chopra

VP-Research and Consulting, CyberMedia Research

Jaswinder Singh Saini

Storage Solution Architect, IBM Systems, ISA

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