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Accelerate business opportunity and growth with Power – IBM

Digital disruption in the finance industry has brought not only new opportunities but also new challenges – shifting consumer expectations, the emergence of new business models and the proliferation of disruptors who are nimble, agile and offer niche services.

In fact, there’s a rapidly growing eco-system of new players who are introducing innovative product offerings and new business models that were unheard of a few years ago. Traditional Banks and Finance institutions must re-invent themselves to avoid getting disrupted by these innovations and for future growth.

This is easier said than done, because incumbent Banks and Finance institutions must re-invent themselves while maintaining their existing legacy systems. It’s like changing the engines of an airplane in mid-air!

A change of IT strategy and adoption of new age digital technologies and platforms are one of the ways for Banks and Finance institutions to differentiate themselves and gear up for future growth in this era of disruption.

Attend this webinar to find out how Banks and Finance institutions can re-invent themselves in this era of disruption. Find out how IBM’s Power systems can help Banks and Finance institutions accelerate business opportunity and growth to promote innovation with solutions for modern open technology.

Learn how power solutions are transforming big data and analytics, cloud and modern data platform technology into competitive advantage for organizations of all sizes and industry types.

1500 to 1505 Welcome and Introduction
1505 to 1515 Re-Defining Banking in the Era of Disruption, Anil Chopra, VP-Research and Consulting, CMR
1515 to 1550 Accelerate Business Opportunity and Growth with Power, IBM
1550 to 1600 QnA
Anil Chopra

VP-Research and Consulting, CyberMedia Research

Devandran Pandian

Business Leader - Presales, Solutions, Cloud & Cognitive, IBM

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