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Getting Digital Right with Platform Thinking – ThoughtWorks

In the digital age, organizations can’t afford to keep designing solutions around every new technology that emerges. That’s because technologies will keep emerging and then becoming obsolete, thereby leaving a trail of wasted investments every time you design a solution around them.

For instance, your customers could be using mobile phones today to interact, but tomorrow, they might use wearables, and it could be something altogether different after that. Implementing solutions around changing technologies can therefore be a tedious affair. A better approach is to first understand the end-user experience that you want to bring to your customers, and then design a solution that can leverage your existing technology assets and evolve over time to adopt to newer technologies.

This is where importance of Platform Thinking comes in. Platforms can help enterprises leverage their legacy technologies built over a period of time, and future-proof your investment.

This webinar will uncover what platforms are, how can organizations re-orient themselves to leverage them to unlock their potential and compete more effectively in the market.  We’ll present the business case for platforms as well as the tools and frameworks required to enable the same.

There are plenty of success stories for platforms, some of which would be shared during the webinar, as well as the learnings from the same.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the new digital market realities
  • Discover how to unlock your technology assets and remove friction between them with the help of platforms
  • Find out how to leverage APIs, Microservices, and scale your delivery infrastructure
  • Learn the challenges and best practices in leveraging platforms for digital transformation
  • Know about the tools and frameworks required to enable platform thinking
  • Hear the success stories of others who’ve leveraged platforms
1500 - 1510 Welcome and Introduction to the Digital Landscape
Anil Chopra, VP-Research and Consulting, CMR
1510 - 1550 Getting Digital Right with Platform Thinking
Seshadri Krishnan, Entrepreneur, Product Specialist, Digital Transformation Leader & Mentor, Trip38
Prakash Subramaniam, Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks
1550 - 1600 QnA

Seshadri Krishnan

Digital Transformation Lead, ThoughtWorks

Sesh is a seasoned technology services and product leader with over 20 years of Consulting, Digital Transformation, Business leadership and Entrepreneurship expertise. Sesh has led businesses in North America, Europe and South-East Asia geographies. He leads the Digital Transformation business for ThoughtWorks and works with the executive leadership of client organizations to help them in their transformation journey. Prior to ThoughtWorks, Sesh has run two startups and deeply cares about products and the startup eco-system in India. Sesh is an avid long-distance runner and an aspiring cyclist.

Prakash Subramaniam

Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Prakash is a Software Architect and a Polyglot Programmer with 17 years of IT industry experience spread across Agile Software Development, Software Architecture, Delivery Organization Setup, Engineering Organizational transformation and Training. He is passionate about leveraging Information Technology as a transformational and disruptive tool to solve business and social problems. His core interests are in API Platforms, Web-Scale Architecture, Software Craftsmanship, Performance Engineering, Agile, NoSql and Training. He was recently involved in architecture and implementation of eCommerce platform for a large USA retailer. He is currently involved with building Platform ecosystem within ThoughtWorks and its clients.

Anil Chopra

VP-Research and Consulting, CyberMedia Research

Anil drives special projects, strategic initiatives, and the group’s flagship conference, C-Change. He has a knack for spotting the latest technology trends and has conducted many path-breaking market surveys and studies on technology adoption, IT buying patterns and technology implementations across enterprises in India.

Anil has worked with CyberMedia in various capacities, with his last role being the Group Editor-Technology for all CyberMedia publications, including PCQuest, Dataquest, Voice and Data, and He has also benchmarked and tested a wide variety of IT products and services, during his stint with CyberMedia Labs, the country’s first vendor-neutral product testing facility.

Anil is a sought after speaker, and has delivered sessions and moderated panel discussions at various prestigious CIO forums on topics relevant for IT decision makers across SMBs and large enterprises. He also gets invited regularly by leading enterprises (like Indian Oil, PSU Banks, etc.) to deliver expert talks to their internal IT teams.

An engineer and MBA by training, Anil has a passion for analyzing technology and delivering insights. A multi-channel content specialist, he also writes regularly about the latest enterprise technologies and trends.

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