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IT Environments are becoming increasingly complex, with enterprises running mixed workloads of traditional on-premise applications, new cloud-based ones, and those that burst into and out of public clouds.

Understanding Security Issues of Hybrid Networks

Managing security of today’s complex and dynamic network environments is challenging because security threats are getting increasingly dangerous. One compromise and the entire network comes down, taking along with it your organization’s reputation and credibility.

Some of today’s security threats and issues include:

    • APTs or Advanced Persistent Threats: These creep into a network and spread in stealth mode. By the time they get detected, they’ve spread across the entire network and done their damage.
    • Privileged Accounts Mis-use: This is a common security issue with public clouds, where hackers gain access to privileged accounts, and steal sensitive information from various departments.
    • Malicious Attachments: This is one the most common security issue where malicious email attachments are clicked by unsuspecting users, causing the malware to spread throughout the network.

Typical Solutions

Security therefore is a key strategic priority for enterprise today. CISOs have to answer to the board in most cases if their network gets compromised. That’s why, they leave no stone unturned to keep their networks secure.

Therefore, some typical solutions used by CISOs and security managers today are:

    • The latest tools: Security managers must use a variety of tools like next-gen firewalls, IDS and IPSs to prevent the above issues.
    • Network Segmentation: They must also do network segmentation using VLANs to avoid threats from spreading.
    • Traffic Monitoring: They must monitor network traffic flowing in and out of business-critical applications across clouds to detect malicious activity.
    • ACLs and firewall rules: they must keep updating the access control list on routers and changing firewall rules across the network for different products.

Typical Security Solutions Not Sufficient Anymore

Unfortunately, the traditional methods above are very time consuming, error prone, and not enough to handle today’s dynamic network environment.

If a threat enters the network, it will be a challenge to prevent it from spreading. If a privileged account is hacked, then there’s no telling how much data will get stolen.

So the big question is how can CISOs ensure security across users,
applications, and hybrid, multi-cloud networks?

Join us to share your views and discover new age security solutions from ColorTokens that give nanoscopic visibility of security threats to hunt them down with precision.

Rajesh Khazanchi

VP Products and Engineering, ColorTokens

Anil Chopra

VP-Research and Consulting, CyberMedia Research

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