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Ensuring Cyber Security 2.0: Way Ahead – VMware


Cybersecurity is a top concern for enterprise today, be it private, public, or the govt., with deep stakeholder interest and engagement in putting effective cybersecurity strategies at place. Even though investments in cybersecurity are increasing, cyber breaches are also increasing at an alarming frequency.

What should enterprises and the govt. do to secure their infrastructure? How can they identify and combat these cyber security challenges?

Interestingly, theories abound on what to do, including following new governance frameworks, or deploying new products and services.

Today’s Challenges

    1. Applications are easy targets “Internet facing applications are the easiest to attack; the latest trend depicts the same.”
    2. Complexity and volume of applications “Today’s business deals with large volumes in terms of size and complexity of applications.”
    3. Inherent vulnerabilities and gaps “Inherent gaps in the coding standards adopted coupled with volume of applications create a huge challenge.”
    4. Risk Identification and Prioritization “These are dependent on the tools used, skill set of resources, and maturity of managing application vulnerabilities.”
    5. Regulatory and Compliance requirements “Every business is bound by regulatory compliance requirements such as SOX, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.”

Given the complexity of today’s environment, the traditional approach of securing applications in silos is ineffective in ensuring security. There is a need for robust and scalable solutions that connect with dynamics of application. Selecting the right tool sets that can effectively identify the vulnerabilities is an important component of this approach, along with skilled resources who have the expertise to interpret and provide solutions.

Many organizations fail to prioritize application security, leaving their entire environment at risk. With large organizations managing thousands of applications, it is prudent to adopt a risk-based application security management. Today’s security policy management solutions do much more than automate traditional change management tasks. And yet, managing processes is becoming increasingly complex, time consuming and riddled with errors.

Join us in this webinar to learn how VMWare’s solutions can enable security policy management to make your enterprises and the govt. more agile, secure and compliant across your ever-changing network.

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