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Get a single-pane-of-glass view of your entire IT environment

Enterprises are using a variety of IT services from multiple service providers. Thus to have a consistent user experience they require a service ecosystem based on common integration standards.

IBM's modular and easy-to-integrate Services Integration and Management (SIAM) improves operational efficiency and service quality, providing a stable operating environment. This, in turn, helps organizations to reduce complexities of a multi-source environment, thereby exercising better control over their business. In addition, it helps:

  • A transparent operating environment is built with predictable outcomes
  • An integrated supplier ecosystem is built for effective and intelligent service delivery
  • Operational stability is strengthened by aligning the supplier ecosystem to a multivendor governance framework

Key Features of IBM Services Integration and Management (SIAM):

  • Consumption-based model pricing
  • Service catalog
  • Tower-specific operational management
  • Cohesive vendor service ecosystem
  • Standard framework of collaboration and information exchange
  • End-to-end problem management

Join this webinar to get expert views on the following key aspects of IBM SIAM:

  • IBM SIAM’s deep-rooted service delivery capabilities and its global processes
  • The standard way to design, build and run such a service ecosystem
  • An ecosystem which partners can adhere to
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