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Making Hybrid Cloud Real, Building for Scale – VMware


Hybrid cloud computing enables an enterprise to deploy an on-premises private cloud to host sensitive or critical workloads, and use a third-party public cloud provider to host less-critical resources, such as test and development workloads. Hybrid cloud portfolio offers a combination of solutions that enable organizations to easily extend, protect, or replace on-premises infrastructure. These hybrid cloud offerings are built on a software-defined data centre architecture, leveraging computing, networking, and storage virtualization technologies.

VMware helps organizations create common hybrid operating environments between their on-premises VMware based environments and VMware-based public clouds, including solutions with our vCloud® Air™ Network partners IBM, and AWS.

VMware enables these hybrid environments with solutions such as VMware vSphere®, VMware Cloud Foundation™, and VMware vRealize® Suite. This VMware-based hybrid cloud environment supports a variety of powerful use cases, including regional capacity expansion, disaster recovery, application migration, data centre consolidation, new application development, and burst capacity—all with a complete operational consistency and seamless workload portability.

This gives organizations a safe, easy, enterprise-grade way to integrate public clouds with their on-premises infrastructure strategy, while gaining the agility and elastic capacity of public clouds.

The need of the Hour is having a solution which can address the issues mentioned below:

    • Maintain easily-accessible private infrastructure as well as have a plan for Disaster Recovery
    • Streamline day-to-day functionality
    • Reap the Benefits of Cloud Bursting
    • Sharing what needs to be shared, keeping private what needs to be kept private
    • Better Control/Manage Big Data Analytics
    • Scalable as You Grow
    • Improve Customer Experience

Key Benefits of Hybrid Cloud::

    • Dynamic or frequently changing
    • Separating critical workloads from less-sensitive workloads
    • Big data processing
    • Moving to the cloud incrementally, at your own pace
    • Temporary processing capacity needs
    • Flexibility for the future
    • Best of both worlds

Join this webinar to get expert views on the following key aspects of VMWare Hybrid Cloud Offerings:

    • VMWare deep-rooted service delivery capabilities and its global processes
    • The standard way to design, build and run such an ecosystem
    • An ecosystem which partners can adhere to
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