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A New Approach to Networking and Security – VMware


When it comes to providing an excellent customer experience and building brand equity, a strategy focused on maintaining trust and predicated on ensuring data security is vital.

The significantly large volumes of consumer data and financial assets with banks make them prone to cyber attacks – from lonewolfs to orchestrated state actors to spies. Given that the cost of attack is significantly lower than the cost of defense, banks have a uphill task in thwarting them and keeping all data protected.

It is therefore essential to build security across all levels of the ecosystem, from the device to the network to the cloud level. To stay competitive, it is imperative for enterprises to bet big on digital services, and yet, ensure privacy and security for consumers.

As we move towards a digital-first banking era, cyber threats will continue to accelerate. Therefore, the time to act and protect your data is now.

In this webinar, learn to:

    • Ensure, build and manage an active cyber defense system, including app monitoring, detection, and active threat mitigation
    • Build a zero-trust environment by leveraging micro-segmentation to mitigate risk.
    • Dynamic firewalling based on pre-defined policies
    • Boost data protection and sovereignty, and support compliance with rigorous regulatory frameworks (e.g., FATCA, GDPR).
    • Protect data at rest and data in motion with a software-defined data center model.
    • Fight fraud with Blockchain technology.
15:00-15:05 Welcome by CMR
15:05-15:20 Industry Session by Preetam Hazarika, Ernst & Young LLP
15:20-15:55 Strengthen Data Security and Protect Brand Equity 
  by Tanmay Ravindra  Joshi, VMWare
15:55-16:00 QnA Moderation
  by CyberMedia Research Analyst
Preetam Hazarika
Director - Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young LLP
Tanmay Ravindra  Joshi
Senior Systems Engineer –  Enterprise,
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