About Digital Innovators’ Forum 2019

Digital continues to re-define the way any interaction takes place today. It’s the default mode of transacting and interacting for everyone, be it retail consumers, business partners or enterprise B2B customers.

Digital has created a hyper-competitive world, where every business must closely empower their business strategies with new age technologies. IT leaders therefore have their work cut out for themselves. They must think ahead and proactively support their business with IT innovations that can deliver results.

What’s needed to enable this is a solid foundation of an intelligent infrastructure, which can align itself to the speed of business. They need a composable infrastructure that can provision resources quickly for new applications or continue to deliver consistent performance during peak load in existing ones. They need a hybrid, cloud powered infrastructure that grows with their business, is available from anywhere, and yet remains secure all the while. Moreover, they need all this without alarming their top management with heavy capex requirements.

Solid growth requires solid IT innovations, which come from a combination of strategic thinking and new age technologies. Join us to empower yourself with both.

Key Highlights:

Hear the inspirational journey of digital business leaders

Prepare yourself for Digital Transformation 2.0 through an expert-led, knowledge-based workshop

Let inspirational speakers motivate you to innovate

Learn how to build an intelligent infrastructure with technologies like Hybrid IT, Composable Infrastructure, and Consumption-based IT model can

Soak yourself into the luxury of ITC Grand Bharat

Take a tour of the luxurious ITC Grand Bharat on a Segway

Enjoy a magical evening with the CopyCats, a band that specializes in performances that mimic flavors of your favorite artists.

15th- 16th march 2019

Event Agenda

Event Speakers

David Wittenberg

Professor, Corporate Trainer, Consultant, Author, Speaker, Educationalist

Harnath Babu


Parna Ghosh

Group CIO
UNO Minda Group

Kamal Kashyap

Director, Public sector sales
HPE India

Devendra Taneja

Managing Director
PC Solutions

Anil Chopra

Vice President - Consulting
Cyber Media Research



2019 VENUE

ITC Grand Bharat
a Luxury Collection Retreat
New Delhi Capital Region