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Our honourable PM has given a clarion call to use these trying times to build a self-reliant nation. Traditional businesses are gradually bouncing back, while digitally native ones are witnessing sharp growth. At the forefront is the e-commerce sector, which has witnessed sharp growth during the pandemic due to its inherent digital traits. Both shopper penetration and average transactions per customer have risen sharply and experts predict that the online retail penetration is likely to grow at a whopping 30% CAGR in the next 5 years.

The challenge before the sector is to ensure that it’s geared up to sustain rapid business growth and remain a key contributor to making India into a self-reliant economy. What is the sector doing to ensure this?—strong busines acumen, govt. support, the right technology platform?

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Attend this special session to:

Learn how the sector is contributing to making India into a self-reliant economy

Find out the policy reforms required to drive the industry forward

Discover how the sector is increasing its penetration despite key business challenges like dealing with cash on delivery, low Internet penetration, high product returns, and high feature phone usage, to name a few

Get insights on the role of Data, IT infrastructure and other technologies as critical enablers for enhanced market penetration and smooth operations

Get answers to your questions about achieving growth

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