In an era where technological advancements are pivotal for business success, ‘Generative AI for Productivity, Operational Excellence, and Competitive Advantage’ emerges as a groundbreaking webinar for business and technology professionals. This enlightening webinar delves into the transformative power of Generative Artificial Intelligence, a cutting-edge technology reshaping the landscape of business operations and strategy.

In this webinar we are diving into the world of Generative AI! We’ll start by breaking down the fundamentals, distinguishing Generative AI, Foundation Models, and Large Language Models. Explore diverse Generative AI types and their practical business applications, unveiling how this technology boosts productivity, operational efficiency, and competitive advantage. Gain insights into customizing AI models tailored to specific business needs and navigate the realm of deepfake technology, exploring its risks and benefits.

Join this webinar in unlocking the potential of Generative AI! Gain actionable insights and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.


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BTBT-Unlocking Productivity, Operational Excellence, and Competitive Edge 12dec

Key Highlights:

  • Generative AI, Foundation Models, LLMs Explained: Understand the basics and differences of Generative AI, Foundation Models, and Large Language Models.
  • Diverse Generative AI Types & Examples: Discover various Generative AI types and their real-world business applications.
  • Boosting Productivity & Advantage with Generative AI: Learn how Generative AI enhances employee efficiency, operational excellence, and competitive edge.
  • Customizing AI Models for Specific Business Needs: Insights into fine-tuning Generative AI Models for tailored business applications.
  • Deep Fake Technology: Risks & Benefits: A balanced view of the potential and challenges of deepfake technologies.
  • Navigating IP and Patent in Generative AI: Understanding intellectual property and patent considerations while using the data to train/use the Generative AI Models.
  • Safeguarding Data and Ethical Employee Use: Strategies for protecting confidential data and ensuring responsible AI use by employees.
  • Ethical Frameworks in AI Implementation: Discussing the importance of ethical considerations in deploying and using Generative AI tools.
  • Cost Implications of Generative AI in Enterprises: An overview of financial aspects of integrating Generative AI into businesses.


V Srinivasa Rao (VSR)

V Srinivasa Rao (VSR) is the Chairman and MD of BT&BT and was the former Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Tech Mahindra till 2014. He has worked with global customers in 25 countries. He was featured in Fortune 500 (India), 2012, as one of the ‘Rubber Souls’ for Satyam Computers Turnaround story.

VSR is an executive coach, consultant, and advisor to CXOs, Government Officers, and senior executives on business digitalization. He was the Chairman of the Smart Cities Working Group at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), India. Currently, he is chairing the Open Digital Innovation Group of IET, India. He was the convenor and a Member of the Bureau of Indian Standards (Blockchain Standards, Blockchain Smart Contracts ISO Standard working group).

He is the recipient of awards from the PMI, USA Infosys, iGate, Tech Mahindra, and an invited keynote speaker and panel chair at globally renowned technology events.

He aims to prepare organizations and people for the 4th and 5th Industrial revolutions by creating Better Today & Better Tomorrow. He authored three books: Ignite the Spark to build a new India (PMIPCC), Software Defined Smart Cities (IET), and Lean Digital Thinking – Digitalizing Businesses in a New World Order (Bloomsbury). 



03:00 p.m

Welcome Note & Introduction
by Anil Chopra, VP - Research & Consulting, CMR

03:10 p.m

Revolutizing Business with Generative AI - Unlocking Productivity, Operation Excellence and Competitive Edge
by V Srinivasa Rao (VSR), Chief Digital Advisor, Chairman & MD, BT&BT

03:45 p.m

Q&A Session moderated by Anil Chopra

03:55 p.m

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