Empowering the Real-Time Enterprise – HPE

We’re living in a fast-paced digital world where real-time business insights are the need of the hour for every enterprise to enable faster decision making. Today, it’s essential to closely monitor customer preferences and draw quick insights for faster speed to market. Customer loyalty has also become highly volatile today, making it essential to respond to every request in real-time.

Real-time analytics, OLTP (online transaction processing), batch processing, and database apps are therefore crucial to every organization’s success. Traditional IT is not geared to host such real-time environments because it simply can’t react fast enough.

What’s needed is technology that helps slash time and turn ideas into value. There’s a need for infrastructure that can be easily composed and recomposed to meet shifting demands, while being secure, cloud-enabled, and mobile-friendly at the same time.

Join this round-table discussion to deliberate on how to alleviate infrastructure challenges in drawing actionable insights from corporate data and hear HPE experts provide insights on how HPE solutions for SAP HANA can deliver simplified, innovative solutions to tackle real-world challenges posed by today’s digital economy.

Key Highlights:

    • Understand the best practices in IT environments where reliability, availability and serviceability are foundational characteristics.
    • Discuss how IT environments can be made more efficient, productive and secure, in order to deliver fast, flexible responses in a highly competitive landscape.
    • Find out how to enable a real-time enterprise with next-gen analytics from data-intensive, high-performance computing workloads from HANA on HPE.
    • Learn how HPE’s solutions for SAP HANA can help ‘de-risk’ your journey to digital transformation by delivering simplified, innovative solutions that target real-world challenges created by today’s digital economy.
    • Discover how to take full advantage of SAP HANA on HPE’s solutions and operating environments to meet specific business needs.
    • Get insights from subject matter experts, thought leaders and senior IT practitioners.
    • Be featured in special media report on Empowering the Real-Time Enterprise.




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