Delivering e-Gov services through Mobile Platform-VMWare


The digital era has made it essential to empower organizational workforce with anytime, anywhere, and any-device access to their applications and data. Not only that, but this era also calls for a seamless experience irrespective of where these services are accessed from, be it office desktop, mobile device, or system at home. Such access has become essential for govt. and public sector workforce to ensure they can continue to deliver superior citizen services, achieve the objectives of various eGov programs, and do it securely all the while. It’s not so important where you go to work these days, but how you get your work done.

This requires a change in organizational workflows and processes in govt. access. They have to be seamless across multiple devices, secure, and with smooth performance regardless of challenges like erratic connectivity, poor bandwidth, signal loss, etc. It requires a flexible IT environment that’s not tied to the office location or hardware. It requires application service delivery to citizens that’s device agnostic.

A comprehensive digital workspace delivery platform is therefore the need of the hour to be integrated with the e-Governance infrastructure so that govt. services can be made available anytime, anywhere, and from any device for govt. employees.

With the private sector focusing on building their digital workforce with superior digital workspace solutions, why should the govt. be left behind? Enabling this in the govt. is a daunting task that requires a change in mindset, a top-driven and highly focused mobile strategy, along with the right set of solutions.

The good news is that technology offers solutions to enable a truly mobile driven govt. machinery.

Join this webinar to understand how technology can enable a 21st century govt. workforce with VMware’s Digital Workforce solutions, deep-rooted service delivery capabilities and global processes. Find out the standard way to design, build, and run such an eco-system to offer seamless e-Gov services to citizens and empower the govt. workforce.

Key Benefits:
  • Bridge the Digital Divide with seamless access to govt. services remotely for everyone
  • Get expert views by senior govt. bureaucracy on how to enable a mobile mindset in govt.
  • Understand digital workspace solutions from VMware can be a catalyst in offering comprehensive e-governance services
  • Discover new methods of citizen service delivery
  • Learn how to reduce IT complexity, streamline management, and increase workforce agility and productivity
  • Deliver secure access to cloud, mobile, web, and Windows apps—on premises, in the cloud, or offline— through a single catalog and single sign-on (SSO) experience across devices
15:00-15:05 Welcome by CMR
15:05-15:20 Enabling a Digital Workforce in Govt. and Public Sector
by Faheem Rasool, Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young
15:20-15:55 Empowering Govt. Eco-System for Seamless Service Delivery
  by Jaspreet Narang, Systems Engineer – EUC, VMWare
15:55-16:00 QnA Moderation
  by Anil Chopra, VP-Research and Consulting, CyberMedia Research Analyst
Jaspreet Singh Narang
Systems Engineer – EUC
Mir Faheem Rasool
Senior Consultant
Ernst & Young
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