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The ‘always on’ digital work environment of today represents a fundamental shift in the way that IT services are delivered and consumed. In today’s work environment, business mobility is a ‘given’, and not ‘optional’. Today’s workforce needs to communicate, engage and work across devices, while on the move. From the point of view of consumers, they seek highly personalized experiences and expect products, services, and answers instantaneously.  

  In such a mobile-first era, enterprises and government alike are seeking to embrace a highly accelerated speed of business. Enterprises are shifting from purpose-built, on-premises IT environments to flexible, frictionless digital experiences across devices and locations.  

  When it comes to enabling such a digital workspace and, delivering secure, real-time access to data and applications across devices, internal IT teams must address two essential aspects—a single workplace for all applications for easy access, and accelerated WAN links to enable seamless access.  

  Join this webinar to understand the key trends being adopted by enterprises for anytime, anywhere, secure, and easy access to their applications. Find out how modern-day solutions can transform your workspace and provide the required accelerated and secure access to applications over WAN links by using SD-WAN technology.  

  Key Highlights:
  • Get real insights on how to enable anytime, anywhere access to applications
  • Discover new developments in mobile and WAN technologies to accelerate your speed of business
  • Learn how VMware’s Workspace One and SD-WAN technologies can enable seamless applications access
  • Find out how VMware’s SD-WAN solution can sharpen your edge by enabling bandwidth expansion, provide optimal connectivity, and automate branch office deployments
15:00-15:05 Welcome by CMR
15:05-15:55 Ensuring Anytime, Anywhere Access to Applications with VMware
by Bakshana Ogra, Staff Systems Engineer- Enterprise SE, VMWare
15:55-16:00 QnA moderated by CMR
Bakshana Ogra
Staff Systems Engineer-Enterprise SE
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